Grey dead pixel lines on iPod Touch screen

A year and a half into my first apple product, the iPod touch 2G, and I was hit with a screen defect that happens to surface after just the product warranty expired. *thumbs up to Apple product quality*

So what exactly is the problem? The screen develops a number of permanently grey pixels, so that no matter what colour those pixels needed to display, they’ll always show up as grey.

Grey line of pixels on iPod

No, it’s not a cracked screen – the glass touch input panel is fine. The LCD is not cracked, it’s just dead pixels. What’s worse is that those dead pixels are somewhat contagious. Those grey lines would extend until it reaches the edge of the screen, killing off more and more pixels in due time.

Grey pixels on white backgroundGrey pixels on black background

Now if you’re unfortunate enough to have this same product defect as I did, the obvious question is, "How can we fix it?" I asked the Apple store, and they were willing to fix it for me – for about AUD $200. Well why might I want to get Apple to fix it for me at that price, when I could almost get a brand new iPod Touch?

There are sites out there that claims to fix iPhone dead pixels, but it certainly won’t fix this particular problem. You see, it’s a physical degradation, which can be seen under bright sunlight, even when the device is powered off.


If I’m not willing to pay 4/5 of the price of a new one to fix an old iPod Touch, what are my options? Throw it away? Nope. Here’s my plan. use it with the defect until it becomes annoying enough. Then, I’ll buy a replacement screen on eBay for about $AUD 15 (with free shipping) and fix it myself. Hah – take that, consumerism!

  • Johnk99

    I have this same problem but now i cant see anything on my screen i can still push apps and here them working but can not see what is going on at all lol. do i need a new lcd screen to fix the problem?

    • That’s because the LCD screen is separate to the touch input digitser. The digitiser is working, but the display has dead pixels. That’s why the iPod still registers the input but can’t display over those areas.

  • Mendy

    You should get the LCD replaced; that’ll fix it. <– they fix it for lowest price around!

  • Klaidigaci1998

    mine are not grey they are many different colors

    • Klaidigaci1998

      well most of them

      • Guest

        and i think i’ve had this before and i just restored it and they went away..

  • AlScal

    I’m trying to fix the ones on my iPod by pressing the screen gently, and it seems to be working.

    • kat

      Hi.. you press the screen then it will be ok ?

      • Kat Relopez

        I have the same problem too.. the grey lines extend until it reaches the edge of the screen 🙁

  • Andrew

    After buying the screen on eBay how did you fix it yourself?

  • Allie

    Pressing on the screen just makes it bigger. So I can buy a new screen for 15 bucks?! NEED IT!!!

  • June

    my ipod screen has 3 grey marks and i was wondering how i can remove then without paying someone to repair it

  • Derek

    Mine are weird, when I press on it it gets bigger..

  • Alex Fuppy

    if im not too late, i just stuck my ipod in the fridge for about three nights and cleared all the dead pixels that way